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NFT-game website with 2D animation dialogue, and Cyberpunk animations.

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Web development

UI/UX Design

What did we do?

Our task was to create two websites, where the second is linked to the first. 

On the first website, a user goes through a mystical survey with a character that leads to connecting users’ Metamask account to be able to buy NFT of Cybervoid game. This website includes a great number of interactive materials – such as animations, voice-overs, etc. 

The second one is designed in Cyberpunk + Mystical game style where users can buy an NFT. It is a landing page that allows to connect a wallet and buy artefacts from a game. 

Provided services

  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce Development

Website side

Functions list

  • Interactive 2D animation with a dialogue with a hero
  • Metamask wallet connection
  • E-commerce for NFT buying
  • Cyberpunk style and animations
  • Sound and music on the website

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